Sunday, January 25, 2009


What a winter weekend in NYC... Cold, but really sunny and beautiful... Rolled all over the city yesterday and didn't get enough, so I decided to meet a friend @ PS1 and chk out Leandro Erlich's 'Swimming Pool', Olafur Eliasson's 'Take Your Time', Radcliffe Bailey's 'Storm at Sea' & Børre Saethre's lights and UNICORN ... I rolled and snapped along the way... Enjoy...

Headed uptown to the bridge - MET Life

Forty Deuce

Lookin' thru the 59th St Bridge...

59th St Bridge

QB Represent!

The choice is yours...


Heading STRAIGHT to Leandro Erlich's 'Swimming Pool'

Oceana and ? standing/swimming under Leandro Erlich's 'Swimming Pool'

Underwater 2

HOLD YOUR BREATH - Really, I wanted to roll in a cot and take a nap...

Pool stairs!

The stairwells in PS1 are trumping a lot of the installations!

The illy ceiling in the stairwells...

"Take Your Time' Olafur Eliasson
We chilled out on the wooden floor and stared up at this crazy big, circular mirror that was spinning very slowly on the ceiling... A strange ripple effect was created and it appeared we were swimming... Oceana preferred water ballet...

I'M OUT! Mcguinness Bridge (QU-BK connection)

Like no other!

Pumping snow for the new LES Ski jump

NEW SIGN, old bldg...

Domino's Sugar Bldg (BK)

Perfect lamps (BK side of Willburg Bridge)

Self portrait on Willyburg (IT'S BRICK!)


Willyburg bridge (Manhattan side)



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