Monday, January 5, 2009


Creativity is the new budget

Bikes are the new Hummers

Individuals are the new scenes

Licensing is the new TRL

Sincerity is the new politicin'

Women are the new chics

Information is the new fear

Bars are the new clubs

Barack Hussein Obama is the new President of the United States

Friends are the new entourage

Listening is the new texting

Clean livin' is the new steak

real is the new REAL

Understanding is the new steamrolling

Scuffs are the new white on whites

No genre is the new genre

Honest is the new poser

Smart deals are the new BIG deals

Love is the new lust

31 is the new 30

2009 is the new 2008




Paul Cantor said...

I fucks with that real hard my dude

Some Guy said...

DUDE...This is the realest thing I have read in a while,
im gonna share this on my blog and link back to you.
Stay up....DEMBs