Saturday, November 14, 2009


WOWSERS... I've been traveling a lot lately. When I'm not out of town, I'm hosting others in NYC... I wouldn't have changed a thing, but I was really stoked to have this wkend to myself...
So, last night, I stopped by Ryan McGuinness's studio for party #??? of his '50PARTY' series... The theme was 'Artist-direct auction', meaning no dealer/ middleman involved to drive the price up... The email read "The artist is the seller, and there is no auction house that will be taking a cut of the sale. Our host and auctioneer: Sara Friedlander from Christie's Post-War and Contemporary Department."
I imagined how liberating it must be for the artist to sell direct. I bet they get that good rush/ buzz of cheating the system...

The show featured works by:

Yorgo Alexopoulos
Sebastiaan Bremer
Cheryl Dunn
David Ellis
Todd James
Robert Lazzarini
Ryan McGinness
Van Neistat
Erik Parker
José Parla
Eve Sussman
Andrew Sutherland ('Rain Drop' was delicate and beautiful)
Peter Sutherland
Spencer Tunick
Dirk Westphal
Romon Yang


Welcome to the 6th floor! Customized hallway by Mr. McGuinness...

Ryan's studio, full of ambitious bidders...

Ryan, wall, fun...


Get your bid on! (I turned that many last Sunday/ Magic Johnson's Lakers #...)

Yorgo Alexopoulos "Mt. Diablo/ No Feeling Is Final" 2009 - I could stare into this C-Print ALL DAY... This was amazingly cool...

Ryan's complicated "Untitled" 2008 (left) and a new fave of mine, "Praefectus Astana" 2009 by Romon Yang... I def would have bought Romon's if I had the chips... ALL G! I don't need to own it, I absorbed it!


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