Saturday, July 17, 2010

Behind the Scenes: EUROPE w/ The KNUX

July 2nd, The KNUX and I left JFK for a mini tour through Europe.
23 Cabs, 9, 8 & 6 Flights (depending on your return destination), 5 & 6 hrs ahead of EST, 4 Festivals in 4 Countries, 2 Academy Gigs, 2 Trains, 1 mission.
London, Bristol, Manchester, Zurich, London, Edinburgh, Dublin.
I took some photos w/ my broken digi camera and my Blackberry.
(Click the pic to enlarge.)

3.7.10. Joey LeStrat vs. The Duke of Edinburgh, foreshadowing our travels to Scotland. (London, England)

4.7.10 HAPPY 4th! The KNUX ROCKED the tent in Hyde Park for Wireless Fest! (London, England)

5.7.10 All aboard, Paddington Station (London, England)

5.7.10 The English coutryside from our train ride from London to Bristol.

5.7.10 We spotted Iggy insurance at a stop from London to Bristol.

5.7.10 A sign of skate culture. (Bristol, England)

5.7.10 A boat on a river fueled from the Mouth of the Severn. (Bristol, England)

5.7.10 "THE ILLUSION OF DEMOCRACY" I know how you feel man, hang in there. (Bristol, England)

5.7.10 The mall (Bristol, England)

5.7.10 The KNUX rock 02 Academy (Bristol, England)

6.7.10 Bristol Train Station (Bristol, England)

6.7.10 The gear... (Bristol, England)

6.7.10 Juice Caesar awaiting the train from Bristol to Manchester. (Bristol, England)

6.7.10 HELLO Chinatown! (Manchester, England)

7.7.10 My 1st English breakfast. (Manchester, England)

7.7.10 I checked out a very impressive retrospective on Dorothy Bohm at the Manchester Art Gallery. (Manchester, England)

7.7.10 Dorothy Bohm Quote (Manchester, England)

7.7.10 PARKER ST. is a craze place! (Manchester, England)

7.7.10 Blue Pink Orange (Manchester, England)

7.7.10 PEACE. (Manchester, England)

7.7.10 That's not 42nd St bro! (Manchester, England)

7.7.10 Krispy: Purple & Black (Manchester, England)

8.7.10 Joey and his sweet tooth awaiting our flight to Zurich. (London, England)

8.7.10 Empty your pockets. (Zurich, Switzerland)

8.7.10 Krisp & I on the tram. (Zurich, Switzerland)

8.7.10 We found the Beastie Boys! (Zurich, Switzerland)

8.7.10 My new wheels! (Zurich, Switzerland)

9.7.10 Minibus ride from Zurich to Open Air Fauenfeld Festival. (Frauenfeld, Switzerland)

9.7.10 Swiss coutryside. (Frauenfeld, Switzerland)

9.7.10 The crew walkin' to Stage 2. (Frauenfeld, Switzerland)

9.7.10 The KNUX rockin' Open Air. (Frauenfeld, Switzerland)

9.7.10 It's Krispy! Open Air. (Frauenfeld, Switzerland)

9.7.10 The Raoul Moat story broke just as we arrived in London and continued almost the duration of our travels. This photo is taken during our Edinburgh hotel check-in. (Edinburgh, Scotland)

9.7.10 Edinburgh, Scotland

9.7.10 Of course the seats to the bus were Tartan. haha (Edinburgh, Scotland)

9.7.10 Church and rain. (Edinburgh, Scotland)

9.7.10 Break lights and rain. (Edinburgh, Scotland)

9.7.10 Haunting building. (Edinburgh, Scotland)

9.7.10 Is that a castle? (Edinburgh, Scotland)

9.7.10 Man at arms. (Edinburgh, Scotland)

9.7.10 Protection. (Edinburgh, Scotland)

9.7.10 Look at the wheels! (Edinburgh, Scotland)

11.7.10 Dressing Room Art, (Oxegen Fest, Ireland)

11.7.10 The Team, clockwise from the top - Juice, Sidney, Joey, myself, Krspy

11.7.10 Lights please. (Oxegen Fest, Ireland)

11.7.10 This guy took a ride on the lighting rig... (Oxegen Fest, Ireland)

11.7.10 View from backstage (Oxegen Fest, Ireland)

11.7.10 The brothers backstage (Oxegen Fest, Ireland)

11.7.10 Setlist, shhhhhhhhh. (Oxegen Fest, Ireland)

11.7.10 Last show (Oxegen Fest, Ireland)

11.7.10 Krispy playing the keys on "The Train" (Oxegen Fest, Ireland)

11.7.10 Say it like you mean it! (Oxegen Fest, Ireland)

11.7.10 Joey singing the hook to a song off of the new LP. (Oxegen Fest, Ireland)

11.7.10 The Krispy Dance! (Oxegen Fest, Ireland)

11.7.10 Till next time... (Oxegen Fest, Ireland)

*I stayed a couple nights in Dublin after the last show...
12.7.10 The Lithe (Dublin, Ireland)

13.7.10 A relatively recently constructed SPiRE in front of the General Post Office which served as the headquarters for the Irish Republicans during the Easter Rising in 1916 in which they kicked the Brits out of their city!

13.7.10 Glen E Friendman had a show up and I shot this pic of his photo. Cab is palming Lance's helmet - SO CLASSiC! The Bones Brigade...

13.7.10 Decisions decisions - NOPE - Guinness!

13.7.10 Inside the Guinness Facility. (Dublin, Ireland)

13.7.10 Guinness facility... looked important - who knows! (Dublin, Ireland)

13.7.10 From the source... (Dublin, Ireland)

13.7.10 The homie Danny and I cheer's to the amazing crab claws and seafood chowder we're about to make quick work of! Big up's D for being the illest host - I got you in NYC!

14.7.10 St. Steven's Park (Dublin, Ireland)

14.7.10 The new Aviva Stadium (Dublin, Ireland)


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