Friday, January 13, 2012


A few years back, I began putting together my annual "Best of" list together. It seemed people were always complaining about how bad music was and I felt the total opposite and actually, quite overwhelmed by the volume of great tunes out there. My boy Noah jumped in the following year and it's become much more fun and a little competitive as we're both looking to sift a little gold to share with the other.

So, here's to a dense and super creative 2011 year. The Strokes made one of their best singles and worst albums. Toro y Moi brought the funk. Frank Ocean wrote some great lyrics. Cut Copy threw-back to the 80's. Rick Ross made an amazing album with a discarded and overlooked cast of characters. The Beasties found their sense of humor. J Mascis went beautifully acoustic. Bad Meets Evil returned, over a decade later, more chiseled. WU LYF took most of my weeknd attention (HAHA). The Knux displayed the strength of the Yin and the Yang. Danny Brown and Meek Mills became 'mah doods'. El-P realized he liked the new underground and joined in. A$AP Rocky took the rock from Max B. And, M83 made my favorite song of the year.

2011 is also the year Spotify launched successfully in the US. This has changed the way I listen to music. iTunes is now only used to support what is not offered on Spotify.

I have been a premium Spotify member since August '11, so I will be using their interface for THIS YEARS LIST. There are a few songs that aren't in their library, so the Spotify link will be accompanied with a SENDSPACE LINK. I hope you enjoy this year's top jams and don't forget to license a song, go see a show, buy a T Shirt and support an artist.

Thank you to all involved, 2012 has a lot to live up to.

POST SCRIPT: Don't forget to let me know what I missed!


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